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The Hotel

Established in 01/10/1973, the Bramig Hotel appeared to take care of the travellers who felt lack of a place to rest. Luiz Carlos Hisses, proprietor of the Itamig (vendia store that products in attacked and retail), decided to mount a hotel to the side of its establishment to take care of this public who arrived at the city.

Values: The Hotel has as values the satisfied empreendedorismo, customers, quality in that make, professional and personal development, recognition and respect for the contribution of its collaborators.

Mission: To take care of to the necessities of the guests with quality, efficiency and excellency in the services.

Vision: To be a company model the regional level par excellence in the services and quality of its installations.

Rua Dona Maria Carneiro, 76 - Boa Vista
Itajubá/MG - Cep 37.505-008
(35) 3623-5252 / 98862-6748 / 98862-0494