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Birthday: September 16

Privileged by nature, Caxambu is unique. A city rich in mineral waters, sodas and medicines developed by sharing their gifts. Through the Parque das Águas, of 12 different sources and the new hydrotherapy Spa, opened in June 5, 2010, the city has always offered health and well-being to its visitors. Caxambu is located in the mountains of southern Minas Gerais, in the region of Serra da Mantiqueira. The small town concentrates the largest municipalities in the world, with twelve sources of mineral water with different properties, most of them concentrated in the Parque das Águas Dr. Lisandro Carneiro Guimarães, tumbled by State Institute of historical and artistic heritage of Minas Gerais.
Rua Dona Maria Carneiro, 76 - Boa Vista
Itajubá/MG - Cep 37.505-008
(35) 3623-5252 / 98862-6748 / 98862-0494