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Birthday: December 17

The history of the city of Aparecida is directly linked with the history of the image of the Patron Saint, who gave rise to all this path of faith and devotion. Located in the Vale do Paraíba, halfway of the two largest cities in the country, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, is cut off by the most important Brazilian Highway, the Via Dutra. This privileged location facilitates accessibility to the city, both for road transport as air, due to the proximity with the two capitals, which have the largest and busiest airports in Brazil. Featured in Brazil s tourist scene, Agha is known as Marian Capital of faith and receives annually more than eleven million visitors, if constituting the biggest centre of religious pilgrimage of Latin America.
Rua Dona Maria Carneiro, 76 - Boa Vista
Itajubá/MG - Cep 37.505-008
(35) 3623-5252 / 98862-6748 / 98862-0494