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Birthday: March 1

Piranguinho is located in the town of chikki, sweet produced handmade for over 80 years, recognized as intangible heritage of Minas Gerais and Gastronomic Identity anchor Product of southern Minas Gerais, a typical and unique delicacy that confers international fame to the town.
The Festival of the world s largest chikki unites the mining culture of bonfire festivities with the tradition in the production of sweet, gathering their producers for making a giant chikki, which in 2010 was approved by the RankBrasil-the Guinness Book of records.
Visit Piranguinho, savor and experience the production of candy, as well as enjoy the beautiful mountains and the hospitality of this friendly and peaceful town.
Rua Dona Maria Carneiro, 76 - Boa Vista
Itajubá/MG - Cep 37.505-008
(35) 3623-5252 / 98862-6748 / 98862-0494