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Maria da Fé/MG
Birthday: June 1st

Maria da Fé is a municipality in the State of Minas Gerais. Its estimated population in 2013 is 14,216 inhabitants. Is known as the coldest town in the State of Minas Gerais. In winter the minimum temperatures can be below 0° c. The municipality is located in the middle of the Serra da Mantiqueira very near the resort of Campos do Jordão and São Paulo to mining operations of the so-called water Circuit. Tourism is growing and there are still possibilities for rural tourism, with horse riding and wood stove. The city offers an annual Winter Festival that receives visitors from all over, due to variety of gastronomic culture. The city also has a Cultural Centre, where historical and tourist information are available about the municipality and also home to the craftsman, a space created for the exhibition of works of city craft. Getúlio Vargas square are some of the oldest olive trees in the city, known nationally as the city of olives, as the experimental farm of Maria da Fé of Agricultural research company of Minas Gerais (EPAMIG) is the only producer of olive seedlings of Brazil and which gave rise to two varieties of olive trees genuinely Brazilian, issued from crosses and years of research the institution: the JB and Maria da Fé.
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Itajubá/MG - Cep 37.505-008
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